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Selected Portfolio

New: Empire, 2022,  36x60
WatchThisSpace_2022_36x36_2900framed_GordonLeverton_Urban Artist
In Good Order _ 2022_ 24x24_$1300_ GordonLeverton_ UrbanArtist
Frontier, 2021 40x60  [SOLD 🔴]
NEW: Revised Edition, 2022, 24x24
New: Crosstalk, 2022, 12x36
Residence_ 2022_12x12_$450_ GordonLeverton_ UrbanArtist
New: Compliance, 2022, 18x36
Blended Family, 2021 36x48”    [SOLD 🔴]
Slow The Advance, 2021 [SOLD 🔴]
CIDADE de LUZ (City of Light), 2018  60x72”   [SOLD 🔴]
Assembly, 2021 36x36 , $2200
Border Community, 2020 48x48”  [SOLD 🔴]
Seating Arrangement, 2020  36x36”  [SOLD 🔴]
Cityview 202, 12x12, acrylic on canvas, GIVEAWAY
“Gordon’s work has appeared in numerous publications, broadcasts and journals and is widely collected.”


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