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Selected Portfolio

Construído (Built), (2022), 40x72”, Acrylic on Canvas, $5000
Control Group (2023), 48x48' Acrylic on Canvas, $4000
Open Secret (2023), 48x48'  [SOLD 🔴]
Vida Real (2022), 36x48” Acrylic on Canvas, $3400 unframed
Foothold (2023), 36x36
Competitive Windows (2023), 14x18
Perdidos e Achados (Lost and Found) (2022), 36x36” Acrylic on Canvas, Framed, $2900
Proving Ground (2022), 60x30
Ensemble (2022) 36x36
Frontier, 2021 40x60  [SOLD 🔴]
Quartos Próximos (Nearby Rooms)  [SOLD 🔴]
Assembly (2021), 36x36
CIDADE de LUZ (City of Light), 2018  60x72”   [SOLD 🔴]
Abrigo (Shelter)  [SOLD 🔴]
“Gordon’s work has appeared in numerous publications, broadcasts and journals and is widely collected.”


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